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Кругозор-Инфо - доска объявлений, каталог магазинов, помощь больным детям, контекстная реклама... Server time: 26.08.2019 11:57

Websvr - продвижение, раскрутка, оптимизация сайта                     "Система Подарков" - общая очередь, без реферальных ссылок!                     Размещение объявлений на доски СНГ, 300-500 ресурсов, отчёт; создание сайтов, фриланс.                      Кругозор-Инфо - это: 1) бесплатная доска объявлений, без обязательных регистраций; 2) каталог объектов (магазины, предприятия, организации); 3) каталог ресурсов (сайты, блоги, статьи); 4) контекстная реклама; http://krugozor-info.ru                    


deception by the Administration removed and does not make sense!
Participation in the project is completely voluntary.
your costs in this project will not exceed 200 ₽, all transactions taking place between the parties, there is no interest, except to the extent of the payment system through which you transfer the money.
You must confirm orders within 5 days after receiving the money. If you are going to be absent for more than 5 days you have to take a vacation from the administration, specifying the number of days (at least 5 ). On return from leave you will be refunded 80% of the confirmed orders. 20% - our kommisiya on time spent on vacation.
allowed the re-registration, but not by yourself, who will register itself under itself, will be excluded from the project.
If anything in doubt, we advise not to register. Or go to support
Do not use SPAM to attract new members.
Administration of the project could change the rules without consulting them with project participants.
For not following the rules can be ousted from the project and all of your refferaly will be transferred to your reffereru.
watch each other and communicate project administration on violations of this rule, it is necessary to ensure that the project is not stalled.

Administration of the project .


Good luck !!!

Кругозор-Фриланс - разработка и продвижение сайтов

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